Yamaha U3H upright piano


One only at this “Special” price  –    Bargain till it goes…..

Just arrived to our showroom floor is a Yamaha U3H series upright Piano.

Featured in an ebony gloss finish, very elegant and classic. Re-polished as all the second hand Yamaha’s from Japan are.

The difference is the grade of piano when we buy it. Piano Magic only buys ‘A rated’ pianos.

Pianos available from Japan come in A, B, C rating. You cannot tell what you are buying from the outside.

Things to watch are.!   Are the action loops in good condition?  If the piano needs this repair in a year or two then, replacement cost is $880, or Loops and tapes $1,100
Are the tuning pins tight?. The piano might sound OK in the winter but comes to Perth summer the tuning pins can become loose making the piano untuneable.

Tight tuning pins are a must for the piano to maintain its pitch.

Have mice been in the piano?

Piano Magic checks for all these things and assure you what you are buying is going to do the job you want it to do.

This piano is made in Japan approximately 1979,  it is a quality instrument that can get a student through to grade 8 examinations.
We will include:
– Delivery ( with in the metro area )
– Tuning
– 12 Months genuine Warranty. If the piano is tuned by Gary from Piano Magic each year then the warranty continues within the integrity of the age and maintenance and servicing of the piano.
– Stool to match.

Phone Rhianna for more info or make an appointment on 9477 5866 or visit our show room at 79 Belgravia St Belmont 6104