Piano Rental from 6 months on, 

We make it easy


We can hire pianos at a base rate of $110 per month.
These pianos are 2nd hand and the choice is only pianos that we have in stock at the time of your enquiry.
Some of these might be available for purchase.
Hire fee is required 6 months in advance.
Hire is only for Metropolitan areas.
Tuning is done prior to delivery and checked on delivery.
Subsequent tunings each 12 months are at the standard rate currently $240
If payment is not received on time the piano will be booked for pick up.

We need a document to show the piano listed on your home contents insurance.

If you move house during the hire we are required to move the hire piano $240. We see damage done to pianos by normal furniture removalists

We have pianos of a standard suitable for a student to learn on or just for hobby playing. 
Please come in and choose the piano to suit your needs.
*Pianos available for Hire change day to day, so any pictures seen on this site may not be avaialbe at the time for hire*

Best between 9am and 4 pm Monday to Saturday or call Diane for an appointment 9477 5866