Is a cheaper tune a wise decision?

At Piano Magic, I had a customer ring in to book an annual tune. Our standard fee for tuning applied, plus this particular customer also wanted some new pads and a treatment for their Piano Life Saver System. The customer called us back and had got a quote to tune the piano at a cheaper cost. The questions begin for me, - Is the cheaper piano tuner as experienced - Will the piano sound as good after the tuning if they have less experience? - Will this piano tuner know how to service the Piano Life Saver...

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How to shift a grand piano

To shift a grand piano, there is a strict procedure that I recommend following. If it's possible to get someone that knows what they're doing - take that choice. If you have a removalist that says they can do it, just check if they have a proper piano moving trolley in good condition. Wheels with steel rims, preferably with solid rubber wheels. Pumped up tyres can burst under the weight of a piano. See below an image of my piano shifting trolley specifically for grand pianos and uprights.     &nb...

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Why does your piano need regular tuning?

There has never been any acoustic piano made by any company, at any price, that does not require a schedule of regular tunings. It is also a fact that a piano will go out of tune whether it is played or not. By far, the main reason why pianos go out of tune is due to changes in humidity from season to season, affecting pianos, new and old, played and unplayed. In Perth, Western Australia the pitch of pianos drops flat in the summer months when dry heat draws moisture out of the piano’s soundboard. In the sprin...

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gary tuning a piano

How often should you tune your piano?

Have your piano tuned as often as you feel necessary, but a minimum of twice a year is the rule of thumb should you be an advanced pianist. If you have a new piano, we recommend tuning the piano twice a year for two years. Just remember: when you turn on the heat in the winter, and when you turn it off in spring, you’re about 2 weeks away from needing a tuning. These are the times of year when the humidity change starts to shrink or swell the wooden soundboard of the piano, and it starts to drift out of tune. So ...

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