Guide to buying a second hand piano

An acoustic piano is a very complex item. A piano action has 5,000 to 10,000 thousand moving parts depending on the style of piano. If you decide to go it alone and buy privately, there is only one piece of advice we can give you, it is this: Take some photos inside of the action and where the strings end on the top of the piano. It’s also worth getting pictures of the outside, showing the name of the piano and the keys. If you’d like Gary to inspect it prior, then he is available for your convenience at a m...

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What to consider when purchasing a piano

Buying a piano can be a challenging undertaking if you don't know where to start, or what to consider. Luckily, we've compiled a few handy tips to provoke thought when you're thinking of buying! Gary can also help you along the way, so feel free to get in contact.   Determine where the piano is to be positioned in the home. It needs to be away from sunlight and weather influences. Preferably on an inside wall in a room with moderated temperature. If this can’t be done, the piano may deteriorate at a fas...

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Julius Feurich finished and available for inspection at Piano Magic

Part 2: Julius Feurich Upright Piano Rebuild – The Rebuild

Piano Magic was lucky enough to get our hands on a 133 year old Julius Feurich piano. We're keeping it in it's original condition but making great improvements so that it will play beautifully. After the strip down we take a pattern of the bass strings so they can be re manufactured. To replace the Bass strings they need to be re manufactured in Sydney. We are very fortunate to have in Australia one of if not the best bass string maker in the world. However we need a pattern so he has the length of copper to...

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gary tuning a piano

Gary’s 5 Top Tips for taking care of your piano.

1. Have your piano tuned regularly. The benefit of tuning your piano regularly is it will sound good every time you play it. I can also check if the piano is getting too dry or too humid. Nothing worse than a piano that is rattling through dryness or stiff hard to play keys because it’s too moist. Related Article: How humidity affects pianos. 2. Position. If you move you piano make sure it’s not in a draft. I recently helped my mother into a nursing home and luckily they had a room big enough for a piano....

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