Close up on hammer grooves

Hammer Refacing

Piano tuners vs piano tuner technicians. Before we get into hammer refacing - let's explain the difference between piano tuners, and piano technicians. In the piano tuning industry there are “piano tuners” and “Piano tuner technicians”. So, what is the difference? The answer is, how the piano tuner was trained. Gary Bailey did 3 years with a piano rebuilder, he was very lucky to get this training and it is available today but you need to be the right person in the right place knowing the right people to...

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Piano Teachers And Teaching Methods In Perth

Simply Music Method Simply Music is a revolutionary, Australian developed piano learning method that offers a breakthrough in music education. This remarkable approach has students of all ages playing great sounding contemporary, classical, gospel, blues and accompaniment pieces immediately from their very first lesson! It is a positive and fun way to learn to play the piano. Call for a free introductory session, with a Simply Music Teacher and see how it works. (Gary’s thoughts) This is an excellent me...

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Piano Restoration, Replacing piano key leads

This piano restoration blog has information about how Piano Magic replaces problem key leads. Leads weights have been used in piano keys since the first pianos. The piano key needs to return after being played and the lead weights help to return the keys to the standing position. Normally the key leads are placed in the middle of the wooden key toward the end. Confusing isn’t  it. Well have a look at this video and you will understand more. The problem with lead in the piano Key is that the piano las...

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Piano restoration repair

An interesting job. 1875 Lipp

              This is an interesting job. An 1875 Rich Lipp & Sohn upright piano. The Story. My customer contacted us to get this Rich Lipp & Sohn piano playing. Her father has been placed in a home and the piano was in her family home. My customer remembered the piano from her childhood. However dad was a Mr fix it and had done some home repaires to the piano. The tuning plank has splits in many places and the piano was untunable. So the chal...

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