Bernstein Hailun Series 218 Concert Grand Piano



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Product Specifications

Bernstein 218 Grand piano
Designed by Stephen Palello
Conservatory Grand
Performance piano

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Designed by Stephen Paulello,this exceptional Hailun 218 grand piano is a true artist’s dream. 7′ foot 2″ creates a rich and powerful sound. Craftmanship and Precision of China and Europe has created a Masterpiece full of expression….

Special Price:  
Brand: Bernstein
Colour: Ebony High Gloss
Stools: XD 14 Adjustable Bench
Price Range: $15K to $100K


Concert 218 Grand Piano

The true essence of collaboration between China and Europe, the Hailun model 218 Grand Piano designed by Stephen Paulello is a work of art that beckons the pianist to perform. The precise execution of each intricate detail, place this Semi-Concert Grand Piano in a class of its own.

Bernstein 218 semi concert Grand is built to perform, and a masterpiece that will reward the pianist and the listener alike in any auditorium.

7’ 2” Ebony Polish



  • Tapered Solid Spruce Soundboard
  • German “Abel” Hammers
  • German “Roslau” Strings
  • Solid Spruce Keys and Key Frame
  • Maple Key-Pin Inserts
  • Maple Hammer Rail
  • Aluminum Whippen Rail with Maple Core
  • European Hombeam Action Parts
  • Delignit Multi-Laminate Pin Block
  • Precision “Cut Thread” Tuning Pins
  • Hailun “Performance Plus” Action
  • Wet Sand Cast Plate
  • Tuned Double Duplex Scale
  • Treble Cut-Off Bar
  • Hand-notched Bridges
  • Bass Bride Cut-Outs
  • Alternating Maple/Walnut Rim

Testimony:- I played this piano at the factory in Ningbo October 2007 when it was first released and was so impressed I ordered one there and then. Since then we have sold this piano into private homes, into auditoriums in Perth and it performs beautifully and is proving the test of time.  One auditorium piano used every day and is played for hours .   Please come in and try this wonderful piano, it will put life back into your piano playing and playing back in your life..Gary

12 year Warranty

Comes with Stool, Metro delivery up to 2 steps, Free tune 3 to 6 months