Wilhelm 180T Grand Piano


Wilhelm Schimmel model W180

Wilhelm Grand pianos are part of the German Schimmel Manufacturing enterprise.  Wilhelm are assembled in a factory in Kalisz, Poland where wage costs are lower, making this Brand more affordable throughout the world.     The main construction of the piano is a joint project between Germany, Poland and Pearl River Company.

The simple elegance of this piano makes it suitable for any area it is placed in.

The Wilhelm Schimmel W180 features the high-quality Schimmel tone, rich and the clarity of tone that Schimmels bring is present in this piano.  For a piano of this size this is a very powerful piano.

The sustain allows the dynamic range of this piano to be expressed in both the lower and higher registers.

Repetition is good for the size of this piano

A lovely action that meets all the demands of the pianist

Size is approximately  5’11″x58″ or 1m 82cm x 145cm

Just arrived into our Showroom yesterday, this piano will not last long.

For your chance to come in and enjoy playing this range of piano, we invite you into the store between 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday or 0utsidde of these hours by appointment.

5 Year Limited Warranty

Call the store on 9477 5866 or Gary outside f hours on mobile 0419 931 080