Beale Barless Upright for Hire or buy


Product Specifications

Open grain French Polish
Light and fast

Beale Barless Upright. The story. This piano was one of the first I tuned in Corrigin. It belonged to the local piano teacher of the time. We had a life long relationship and I tuned this piano regularly till she retired and moved to a new property. She traded the Beale on a Story & Clark 88 note.

This piano has been loved and cared for.

I rebuilt the Action and it has done very little work since the rebuild.

This piano is available for sale or Rent.

To Rent ring us at the shop and talk to Diane.

Rental $110 per month.

Pay the first month rent, the delivery and pickup of $165 each way so a total of $440 ad the piano is yours for as long as you pay the rent one month in advance. If you rent for up to 6 months and want to buy the piano we will take the last 3 months rent plus the return cartage so $330 plus $165 so total of $495 off the the asking price of $4500.

includes a Stool
Tuning prior to delivery

NOTE: – Cabinet restored with open grain French polish

Delivery cost in the metro area  (no more than 3 consecutive steps)

Note :- Should you want to buy this Beale Piano price would be $4500 including delivery in the metro area and tuned prior to delivery.  Country delivery is worked out at the time of purchase.

If you want to hire this piano then please ask and we will sort out the hire for you

For more info please contact our store on 9477 5866 or email