Stannard Pianola


This Stannard Pianola was traded by Piano Magic and was not working very well at all when traded.

It is quite small in size compared to most pianolas and presents very well.

The design of the piano is English and the Pianola action is American design.

As are most pianolas, this is about 1920’s manufacture.

The pianola mechanism was all rebuilt 4 to 5 years ago.  It has sat covered in our workshop as it needed tweaking.  The piano action had work done as well, making all the important internals of this instrument reliable and giving it many more years of usefulness.

In saying this, it needed some extra time spending on it to get it playing well.  So it had to wait!

With Covid 19 slowing the pace of society, Gary has been gifted the time to spend on this valuable instrument.

Now it is ready to go to a new home and will give many many more hours of enjoyment to a new owner.

If you don’t know how to play piano, but have not learnt for whatever reason, the pianola can give you and your family many hours of fun around the piano singing.  All you have to do is pedal it and music will come forth and the words are on the scrolls as it turns.

What more could you want.?

Piano Magic is open by appointment only and you can try this instrument for yourself.

Please call the office on 9477 5866 or phone Gary on his mobile – 0419 931 080