Schimmel Grand 169 – Sold

What a wonderful piano.
We sold this beautiful piano in 2007 to a professional gentleman. This was a retirement gift to himself. His gentle manner was reflected in his playing.
About 5 years ago we bought the piano back in and fitted Pianomation with Ancho front end to the piano. This was the best available at the time.
This gave him the best of both worlds. to play to his hearts content. Then listen to the piano when he was relaxing.

Unfortunately he took ill suddenly and passed away.
His wife was so grieved seeing the piano in the house and not able to play or have it playing She asked us to sell it on her behalf.

The piano comes with :-
Matching Schimmel Leather top Bench.
The pianomation Ancho front end. This is upgrade-able to the new Pianomation 3 system for the upgrade cost US$2750 plus fitting A$1,100.
The front end is removed and a new processor is fitted. Piano Magic can do this before the piano is delivered.
See the QRS web page for details. We can organise and fit the upgrade for you.
Piano Life Saver System. Humidity control for grand pianos
Delivery Metro $360
Tuning after delivery $250

So now we get to how much. The replacement cost for the Schimmel 169 grand is over $70,000. The fitting of the Pianomation today will cost $12,000. Piano Life Saver System for Grand $1,295

We are happy to present reasonable offers to the family.