Schimmel Royal Intarsie Flora Majestic in tone and design



was $28,000.00

Product Specifications

Royal Intarcie Flora

Schimmel Royal Intarsie Flora bought from Piano Magic in 2011.
This magnificent piano is on cosignment and the owners are looking for a good home.
The new price for this piano is now $28,000. We are asking $18,995 but we have been instructed to submit all offers.
This iconic piano is a classic instrument and is one of only 3 imported into Western Australia.
If your looking for a German made piano then this is a real gem.
Being fitted with a Piano Life Saver System this piano can go on an outside wall or to the country areas.

From the pamphlet;
Taste, is the art of an understanding for detail and also of presenting this detail in an accomplished fashion the exceptional personality of the model Royal is characterised by the models piano legs with its traditional carved stylistic elements from solid wood.
The majestic appearance of this upright piano transforms music making into an experience for all the senses!
It is details which characterise the perfection of Schimmel instruments, but perfection is anything but details at self.
Specialists invest a great deal of time and their entire range of abilities for carving of wood inlays, each one of which is an artistic jewel in itself.
With immense technical skills, miniature artistic works are created with the aid of a scalpel and the precision of a surgeon.
This work requires patience and also a good judgement a proportion and shades of colour.
The result: Instruments for aficionados such as the upright Royal Intarsie Flora piano

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