Stems- Dresden Pianola Refurbished



was $17,995.00

Stems-Dreden  Grandiola

This beautiful pianola has been completely restored , it was fitted with an early Autopiano player mechanism.

Research indicated that in approx 1912-15 a deal was struck between Stems- Dresden and Autopiano , New York, to supply player actions.

We do not believe that that Stems firm ever manufactured their own player piano mechanism , but retro-fitted the systems into their beautifully built pianos.

Unfortunately, due to the total destruction of the ‘Dresden’  factory during World war 2 , all records of the company were lost.

Dresden indicates this instrument is Eastern German.

This instrument was traded in by Piano Magic in 2015, by someone that needed a newer piano for the sort of work they were going to give it.

The Player ended up being completely re-polished and having its cabinet restored beautifully by a very good polisher in Perth.  Once this was done it was determined that this lovely old classic was worth the hours of work to bring it back into working order.  So it started!  The team in the Piano Magic workshop began rebuilding the pianola stacks and the piano action and here she is, completed and working and on the floor for sale, for someone to enjoy.

When purchased we will include:

– up to 20 Pianola Rolls

-Free tune in 3-6 months

-Delivery with in the metro area

-Pianola Stool


To find out more about this instrument or to come into the store and try it for yourself, call us on 9477 5866 or visit us at 79 Belgravia St, Belmont