Piano Tuning Metro city


Piano tuning in the metro area is a minimum of $250 and we allow 1 1/2 hours for each appointment. I carry spare parts with me to fix your piano on the spot.

Price:$ 250.00


Do you want your piano tuned by a technician that has over 40 years tuning and rebuilding experience.

Gary is not just a piano tuner.  Gary is a ARPT Registered Piano tuner and Technician, so he has the expertise to fix your piano as well as tune it.  The registration means he has sat and passed the rigorous examination to get the full qualifications.
At Piano Magic we have staff that will book your tuning.
(Ring Rhianna or Diane now on 9477 5866 Perth Metro and Country Piano Tuning requirements).

We provide a call back service so if you don’t call us we will get in touch with you about getting your piano tuned on time.

Gary has a full range of parts and accessories that might be needed while tuning your piano.

Needing a Piano life saver system. to keep your piano in tune all year. We have them in stock so they can be fitted the same week. Find out more http://www.pianolifesaver.com/english/about/about_piano_life_saver
Call  Now to order a system and book an appointment on 08 9477 5866

We also sell and fit the Pianomation Auto Play System.
Call Peter or Gary Now to order 08 9477 5866

What about the new Optical Record Rail by QRS and Story & Clark. Yep we do that too
Call Peter or Gary Now to order 08 9477 5866