Essex EGP-155C Grand Piano


Currently Available in store in Black, can also be ordered in White,  Mahogany, Kewazinga, Bubinga.

Price: $20,999
Brand: Essex
Colour: Black High Gloss in stock
Price Range:  $20,000-$30,000

Essex EGP-155C Grand Piano


Width:   151cm

Weight: 289kg

Length: 155cm

Despite a length of 155cm, this grand piano delivers outstanding sound and performance thanks to the Steinway Design.

With the Essex piano, you get more than the best possible value for your money. You also enjoy complete investment assurance, as each Essex piano is backed by Steinway & Sons and serviced by Steinway-trained technicians. Your purchase is also backed by the Steinway Promise: If you decide to trade-in your Essex piano for a new Steinway grand piano at any time within up to ten years, you will receive a trade-in credit equal to your original purchase price.

Due to the Steinway-designed rim shape, Essex grand pianos are wider at the tail than most other pianos of the same length. This allows for a larger soundboard area, producing a richer sound. The Steinway-designed soundboard is tapered, rather than uniformly thick, to vibrate more freely and provide more tonal volume. Essex pianos have a Steinway-designed, all wood (no plastic) action for proven durability and heightened responsiveness and control. In addition, all Essex pianos feature a Steinway-designed pinblock, strings, plate, backposts/braces, and bridges, as well as many Steinway-specified parts and manufacture procedures. As a result, the Essex is, quite simply, the best piano available in its price range today.

Call 9477 5866 to speak with one of our Piano Consultants or visit the showroom at 79 Belgravia St, Belmont.  In store we currently have a good selection of grand and upright pianos in the Essex range, so come in and have play.  Available too is the Boston and Steinway range in both Grand and uprights.