Bernstein BCF130 Piano



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This Upright Piano was chosen this week by 2 customers as the best piano for them in store.

The Bernstein Encore is the 2nd top model in the professional range upright. It is designed for high grade and heavy-duty use.
It takes a lot, to Research and Develop and to design a piano that meets specific markets.

This piano has showcased itself, with its high performance and its dynamics.

With Outstanding Performance and depth

This piano will suit the demands of the professional pianist, teacher, school, church and institution.

Weight – 300kg
Depth – 65cm
Width – 156cm

Height – 130cm
Available Finishes:
Ebony only
Comes with slow fall, a practice pedal, an adjustable stool
With metro delivery with no more than 3 consecutive steps, tuned prior to delivery and a free tune in 3 – 6 months .
12 year warranty