Bernstein BCF-133 Concerto upright Piano


Bernstein Concerto is the top of the range professional upright piano in this range.

It is designed for high grade and heavy-duty stage use, for those pianists that don’t have the room for a Grand piano but need a real workhorse instrument

Designed in the Hailun Factory in China this piano has an very rich and powerful bass.   It comes with clarity and  with a rich full tone due to the Duplex scaling in the treble section.
included is an ultra responsive action giving this piano performance you wont believe till you play it.

Beautiful High Gloss H33 Bernstein Upright Currently Available with Stool,
10 Years Warranty ,

Free Tune in 3-6 Months & Delivery within the metro area.

Call the showroom on 9477 5866 and discuss this piano with our sales staff.  Bring your Music to have a play. Please ring the doorbell for admittance.

At an affordable price this piano is set to please any player and does not break the budget.