Hailun H5P Professional Series


Professional Series

Hailun is one of the world’s fastest growing and internationally acclaimed piano manufacturers.
This range of professional pianos are vibrant, full sound and have impressive power.
First class features include German Wurzen hammer felt, ebony black keys and bass A-graff scaling for clarity and power.
Featuring the slow fall lid and the double castors give this piano an elegance in the polished ebony cabinet.
This piano is ideal for studio and stage use.

The Hailun H-5 is a powerful instrument with a highly responsive touch.

Technical Specifications

Dimesnsion: Height- 125cm
Depth- 59cm

                   Width- 151cm

Plate: Exclusive new wet cast full perimeter design offers enhanced stability

Soundboard: Multi-layered Siberian Spruce with 15 degree Spruce meniscus coating for climatic resistance and durability in Australian climates.
Strings: German Roslau
* Treble: V-bar and steel pressure bar for an accurate transference of sound
* Bass A-Graff for tonal clarity
Pin Block: Multi-Laminate 17 layers of Maple
Ribs: 11 quarter-sawn Spruce
Back Posts: 4
Action: Hailun Performance Plus TM design, acclaimed for outstanding responsiveness. Made of European Hornbeam (Permanent Action Stability) and cast aluminium
Action Rail: Extruded aluminium
Hammers: FFW felt produced by Wurzen Co.,
Germany: cold pressed felt hammers with Mahogany hammer moulding for distinctive playing control and comfort.
* Naturals: laminated spruce with red beech
* Sharps: Ebony wood
Key Tops: High-grade Japanese Polymethyl
Methacrylate (PMMA)
Bridges: Hard notched Maple, dovetailed and pinned
Casters: Double solid brass
Pedals: Solid Brass (Soft, Sustain, Mute)
Bench: Adjustable with music storage
We invite you come come in a play this piano and try it for yourself.  Bring your music and be prepared to sit and play.
We welcome a call on 9477 5866 or email info@pianomagic.com.au