Schimmel Fridolin 116 Compact Ebony


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Special on Demo floor stock 116 model piano.

Floor piano in black 

Bargain value ! 

Fridolin 116 Compact


Like all Fridolin pianos, the smallest model is based on a long-established original Schimmel construction.

The experience of Schimmel, as the inventor of the so-called “small upright piano”, is particularly beneficial to this model. Despite its low height it has an enormous sound power and can easily be compared with larger pianos.

This makes this model great for customers down-sizing.

Giving you a quality instrument that has the tone, touch and traditional look that will go with any decor.

This piano can be factory fitted with the  Genio Silent System. Just ask for this option when ordering your piano.

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Also available in White Add $440

Matching bench available $299

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