Story & Clark with Cab Leg 121cm high Upright Piano with QRS PnoScan Record Rail


This elegant cab leg Story & Clark gloss black upright is priced at just $8’995.

Includes Record Rail onto USB

This piano features castors that are ideal for tile or wooden floors.

The middle pedal is a soft or mute pedal, which allows for the piano to be softened for practice times.

The soft close of the fall closing over the keys, save little fingers .

Piano has 15 Years Warranty
Free Tune in 3-6 Months
Matching Duet stool with music storage
Delivery within the metro area , with a maximum of 3 consecutive steps .

The Story & Clark uprights are made with many wonderful features to suit the family home .


Make time to come in and view the piano when you are making your selection.

Call the office on 9477 5866 or send an email and we will be available to talk with you.