Piano Shifting or Relocating

Piano Shifting. 45 Years experience.

Our main piano Shifting day is Saturday. This works in with most people moving house on the weekend. When we move a piano we use a specially designed piano trolley.

We can move your piano from room to room or from house to house.  If your instrument is properly moved it will suffer no harm and may not need tuning when it is relocated.

It is risky to do this yourself, with the average piano weight of about 300 Kg and for safety we recommend you always use professional piano movers.

Why choose Piano Magic to shift your piano?

Gary has been shifting pianos for 49 years, so he knows the ins and outs of relocating a piano. Piano Magic has equipment specifically designed for shifting and relocating pianos. For example, we have trailers with small, dense tyres to cope with the weight as well as purpose made piano covers to prevent scratches or weather damage. We also use slide glides on the base of the piano when shifting on wood floors – this reduces the these particular glides are brought from Germany specifically for shifting pianos.

When the piano is placed into the new location he will give us advice on the best place for the piano like not on an outside wall and if that’s the only place he recommends a Piano life saver system so the piano will stay in tune.


Specialised piano shifting equipment

As mentioned above, Piano Magic operate with equipment specifically used for relocating pianos.

  • Specially designed Piano shifting trailer – equipped with a tail gate loader, Piano back rest. Narrow springs to give a soft ride.
  • Heavy duty Piano Trolley. Straight wheels needed for doorways.
  • Piano covers to prevent scratches and weather damage
  • Slide glides for wooden floors

Let Gary show you how to safely move a piano

Piano Shifting or Relocating Prices

Upright piano – In house room to room shift $220*

Upright piano – House to house in Metropolitan area is $300*

Pianola – House to House in Metropolitan area is $450*

Grand piano – House to House in Metropolitan area is $450* (maximum of 2 steps)

Grand piano – in house room to room shift $320*

*Prices are indicative and will vary depending on location and individual circumstances.


Perth Metro vs Country WA Pricing

When shifting a piano from the City to the Country or Country to City, then call us on 9477 5866 to speak with someone that can give you an indication on the cost.

If shifting a piano from one country area to another, call us on the office number of 9477 5866 to get a costing.

Prices can change with location so please ring to book and for us to quote.

Limitations: We are only able to shift a piano up or down 3 consecutive steps.


Contact us today to book your piano shift or relocation.


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