What to do if the Red light is flashing.

Red light flashing on the Damppchasser Piano Life Saver System.

If the red light is flashing this means your pads are dry and the humidify side of the system will not work.

There are 2 causes of this problem.

  • The pads are dry because the water has run out in the reservoir. The yellow light is flashing as well and you need to put more water in the reservoir. (allow 15 minutes for the pads to soak up the water) The red light will go off then. this often occurs when you come back from a Holiday.
  • The pads have not been changed. When you have your piano tuned, ask Gary or your tuner to bring new pads for your Piano Life Saver System.
  • I recommend changing your pads twice a year in dry situations or using tap water and once a year if you use rain water or distilled water. Otherwise they will need to be changed twice a year. I am finding that Perth water is quite corrosive. It is better than no water.

Their is no fire risk if your Piano Life Saver System runs out of water. It automaticly turns off that side of the system.