Fridolin Schimmel Piano

German Craftsmanship in Northern America

Two brothers, Wilhelm and Fridolin Schimmel were talented piano-craftsman. They were both dedicated to quality and craftsmanship.

Wilhelm Schimmel founded Schimmel Pianos in Germany in 1885.

Fridolin Schimmel founded a modern piano production in 1893 in the US, named Schimmel & Company, Fridolin Schimmel.

Both brothers were renowned for their expertise and quality.

In Germany, Wilhelm Schimmel stayed with pianos only. So will his son, Wilhelm Arno Schimmel and also his grand-son Wilhelm Nikolaus Schimmel. As a young man Nikolaus Schimmels took a similar path to Fridolin and worked as a piano technician in Chicago, later also in other American piano companies. In the 1960 ́s the family relationship and the early activities of Nikolaus Schimmel helped to re-establish the Schimmel brand in North America.

The family spirit of Wilhelm and Fridolin Schimmel oin making quality pianos moved Schimmel pianos to preserve the tradition and continue also with pianos carrying Fridolin Schimmel ́s name.

The new Fridolin Schimmel grand and upright pianos have been especially developed by Schimmel for the educational level of the market. Solid, robust and affordable as an excellent alternative to both, students and family due to the favorable price-performance ratio.

The Schimmel pianos became the most highly awarded German Pianos. Piano Magic now stock the new Fridolin Range. Contact us today if you’re interested!

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