Piano Storage

Why do I need piano storage?

At Piano Magic we offer full service long-term storage for pianos of all shapes and sizes. There are a range of reasons that people might need to store their piano securely.

  1. You have to move interstate or up north for a time and want your precious piano looked after in air conditioned environment.
  2. You are moving house and need to store the piano while we get the new home ready.
  3. You would like the piano to go to my granddaughter and she is not ready for it yet.
  4. You are downsizing and won’t have room for the piano in the new house. It has great sentimental value.

What do I need to be aware of when choosing a storage location for my piano?

  1. In Perth, pianos can be affected by damp and dryness at different times of the year.
  2. Mice and rats can do enough damage to a piano to make it not economically viable to repair.
  3. Pianos that are not played are subject to Silver fish and moth infestation.

Storage pianos a Piano Magic are stored in and air-conditioned space.

Dryness can cause the tuning plank to shrink so the tuning pins won’t hold and the piano will become untunable. The soundboard will shrink and because it is fixed to the top, sides and bottom of the piano. It will crack causing a buzz when certain notes are played. The wood action parts and main rail of the action will shrink and the action parts including the hammers will become misaligned and possibly stoke the neighbouring string.

Sometimes if the weather is not too hot or could you will get away with it but often the piano is forgotten till someone goes into care or the property is going to be sold.


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