Upright Pianos

Our upright piano range includes brands like Yamaha, Steinmeyer, George Steck & Co and more. In an Upright Piano, the strings are held vertically and the hammers hit the strings from the front – moving across gravity, rather than in line. The hammers are closer to their strings, shortening the strike distance. This enables a beautifully softer playing sound!

If you’re interested in any of our upright pianos below, get in touch with us now! You can also always visit our showroom.


Story & Clark upright in American Oak


was $7,500.00
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Schimmel 1970’s upright


was $5,500.00
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Hailun H5P Professional Series


was $11,995.00
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Jurkat Piano – Quirky


was $3,500.00
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Schimmel Fridolin F-130 Ebony


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Julius Feurich Leipzig

Schimmel Fridolin F-121 Harmony Ebony


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Schimmel Fridolin 116 Compact Ebony


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Bell Organ Made 1910 restored to play


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