Piano tuning

Piano Tuning Country Western Australia (WA)

$275.00 Gary tunes pianos in country WA. Gary has been servicing pianos in regional WA for about 42 years. Traveling to Geraldton, Esperance, Kalgoorlie, Albany, Margaret River and in between areas. Register now by phone or email…. Price: $ 275.00   Gary will tune your piano in country WA. Gary has been servicing pianos in regional WA for about 42 years. There are not many areas that Piano Magic does not have a trip to once a year. Areas range from Albany, Esperance, Kalgoorlie, up to Kalannie as far north as Kalbarri. Gary will go anywhere for 10 tu...


Piano Storage

Why do I need piano storage? At Piano Magic we offer full service long-term storage for pianos of all shapes and sizes. There are a range of reasons that people might need to store their piano securely. You have to move interstate or up north for a time and want your precious piano looked after in air conditioned environment. You are moving house and need to store the piano while we get the new home ready. You would like the piano to go to my granddaughter and she is not ready for it yet. You are downsizing and won’t have room for the piano in the new house. It has great sent...

Mice droppings causing sticking notes

Piano Repairs in Perth

The Main reasons your piano needs our professional touch. When we say Piano repairs in Perth WA we generally are talking about in house repairs that range from tightening tuning pins so the piano will hold tune and repairing, cracked bass bridges to removing the action or keys and repairing them at our Perth workshop, this is sometimes called a rebuild however a rebuild on a piano generally includes full restoration of the String Back including soundboard. new strings and replacing the tuning pins. Then full re-felting of the action rebuild of the keys including new weights, key tops and b...

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Piano Payment Plan

We  offer a way for you to achieve buying a piano, stress-free. You pay 50% of the recommended retail price of the piano, (eg price is $5000, you pay up front $2500) and then you make fortnightly repayments direct to our bank account. The faster you pay for the piano the better we like it. We will deliver the piano and you can play it whilst you are paying it off. Maximum payment period is 6 months We treat every Payment plan enquiry on its on merits.  Everyone has there own story and these need to be considered. This option is very popular for several reasons. 1. You might ne...

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