Piano Restoration & Polishing

Restore your old piano to new

If you’ve inherited a piano from a previous generation, it is important that your restoration is handled with care, by an ARPT registered piano technician, and it is in trusted hands of a dedicated piano specialist. Gary has over 45 years’ experience as a piano technician and his team will have your piano sounding and looking just as beautiful as the day it was first received by past family members.

Piano Magic offers piano restoration in Perth, and throughout country areas of regional Western Australia, at an affordable rate.   Piano restoration costs are relevant to the amount of work needed to your piano. Contact our specialists for more information.

Our mission statement is simple: to promote the love and care of pianos. We are confident that we can restore and rebuild your old piano to industry standards.

We rebuild:

  • Upright pianos
  • Grand pianos
  • Pianola pianos

Perhaps your piano needs a little bit of shine. We’re on it. Contact us today and we can repolish it.

Our experts

Gary Bailey is an Industry Accredited Piano Tuner, Technician (ARPT) and examiner, an association that embraces the technical training for piano technicians and tuners in Australia.

Gary started in the industry at the tender age of 16 and had his own business at age 19. With  over 46 years in the piano industry, he is the best when it comes to piano repairs in Perth. Gary has been appointed as an examiner for the industry because of his skill and high-end standard of workmanship.

Why choose Piano Magic to restore your piano?

Pianos are complex instruments. Gary and the team are knowledgeable about all the different makes, models, and types of pianos. We are passionate about the industry and the craft of pianos, so if we can help, we will.

We guarantee all of our staff are well trained and skilled in this industry, making your piano safe with us. There is nothing more rewarding than having a piano leave our workshop that is rebuilt and restored and a joy to play.

That brings us to Piano Polishing.

Over the years pianos have been polished with First French Polish, then Spirit Lacquer, then single pack lacquer, now two pack lacquer. French polish was always very time consuming to achieve a filled grain finish.

Spirit lacquer was one of the first spray finish and achieved a filled grain finish very quickly. So was very cost effective. However, over time it would go dark and start to crack. Remember those American piano that look almost black. Under the polish is generally a beautiful lighter grain. Single pack lacquer was easier to apply and in some cases was put on with a brush. It did not go dark but had a problem cracking and left the finish looking hungry.

Two pack lacquer is extremely hard and needs to be sanded and polished to achieve a mirror finish. This finish is used on most new pianos.

       Our Piano Polishing.

We have decided to go back to the original French polish but with an open grain finish. This is affordable and in character with most pianos.

Advantages of French Polish.

The other advantages are French polish has an orange glow bringing out the grain and highlighting the veneer. French polish also highlights the era the pianos were manufactured. Apart from all that we can do it in our workshop without major dust, smell and having to have a spray booth. We love the finish and it’s affordable.

Get in touch with any of our piano technicians today about our restoration and polishing services.


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