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There’s nothing more soothing than the sound of a piano that is tuned by a dedicated specialist. If it’s out of tune, you’re in for a nasty time. What do you do if you find a few off-key notes while you’re playing? You find yourself one of the best piano tuning services in Perth and WA. Piano Magic offers exceptional tuning services at an affordable rate. Get in touch with us now to find out more.

Make your piano sound like magic with Piano Magic!

Piano Magic owner, Gary Bailey, has exceptional tuning abilities. How exceptional? He has achieved the standard of ARPT (Australasian Registered Piano Technicians), a standard set by the APTTA, a national association of piano tuners. 

Gary is an accredited Yamaha Piano Technician and Tuner, also known as a Yamaha Authorized Service Agent. Agent Number 153.     

Gary is the piano tuner technician you want fixing your piano. While there is software floating around online, not everyone has a thorough understanding the technicalities of piano tuning. To top it off, you’ll receive the friendliest service, something online software won’t be able to provide. Gary is fully trained in the use of the latest technology Industry specific software.

Our Tuning Prices

Perth metro area – $330.00

Country area – $350.00


Frequently asked questions

Why should my piano be tuned?

Tuning is the most important element of piano maintenance but it’s one that is ignored too often. It is a general misconception that a piano only needs to be ‘good enough’ for a child or starter to practice on. The better the piano sounds the more ‘reward for effort’ the player gets, and then instead of playing the piano piece once, they will want to play it several times. Consequently, the player improves at a greater rate and has a higher self-esteem because they sound better.

How often should I tune my piano? 

We recommend that a piano needs to be on standard pitch if possible and it needs to be comfortable to play. Most pianos need tuning once a year. If you have a new piano, we recommend tuning the piano twice a year for two years. If a piano is not being used it still needs a tune every two years. The benefit of this is the piano maintains play-ability and Gary can check the condition of the felts to see if silverfish, moths or mice are attacking them. Also, if your piano is tuned to concert pitch, it will need tuning once a year to stop it from dropping pitch.

It can be expensive to pull your piano up to pitch again but Piano Magic offers Professional piano tuning services. Our aim is to get your piano playing better by tuning and regulating it to achieve a repetitive enjoyable experience each time you play!

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Gary tuning a beautiful piano

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