How often should you tune your piano?

gary tuning a piano in his workshop

Have your piano tuned as often as you feel necessary, but a minimum of twice a year is the rule of thumb should you be an advanced pianist. If you have a new piano, we recommend tuning the piano twice a year for two years. Just remember: when you turn on the heat in the winter, and when you turn it off in spring, you’re about 2 weeks away from needing a tuning. These are the times of year when the humidity change starts to shrink or swell the wooden soundboard of the piano, and it starts to drift out of tune. So wait until the piano gets used to the climatic change, then tune your piano! Keep in mind that every piano is subject to one or more factors that will make it go out of tune, including: humidity changes, temperature changes, stretching of strings, slipping tuning pins and HARD playing.

Use of the Piano & how it impacts tuning frequency

How often you should tune your piano depends on its condition, the environment in which it is located, and the musical demands of the owner.

  • A piano used mainly as a furniture piece probably will not “need” to be tuned more than once a year.
  • A piano that is played regularly and is in good condition would be better off with two tunings per year, each time the seasonal humidity changes.
  • A piano given a daily workout by a professional or serious student might need to be tuned more frequently, maybe 4 times a year or more. At this level of use, it’s really up to the individual and at what point the tuning starts to bother them.


How long has it been since you’ve had your piano tuned? It’s often the question that plays on our customers minds. At Piano Magic, our piano tuning services are second to none. Gary’s commitment to excellence and persistence in the latest tuning advancements will leave your piano sounding like a joy to behold. Get in touch with us now to book your next piano tuning.

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