Piano Repairs in Perth

The Main reasons your piano needs our professional touch.

When we say Piano repairs in Perth WA we generally are talking about in house repairs that range from tightening tuning pins so the piano will hold tune and repairing, cracked bass bridges to removing the action or keys and repairing them at our Perth workshop,

This is sometimes called a rebuild however a rebuild on a piano generally includes full restoration of the String Back including soundboard. new strings and replacing the tuning pins.  We offer piano repairs services throughout Perth and the country areas of regional Western Australia, at an affordable rate get in touch with our specialists for more information!

Why won’t my piano play properly?

Humidity related problems

Reasons your piano won’t play or have sticking notes might be Moisture or Dryness in the piano. We had a rental piano that was placed near the kitchen and the steam from the cooking caused the notes to stick. We put a Piano Life saver heat rod in the piano with a humidistat switch. The piano was fine after that. At the end of the rental period we bought the piano back to our shop in Belmont and didn’t plug in the heat rod and the piano has been fine.

Notes go down but wont come up? There are generally 3 reasons for this problem.

Mice droppings causing sticking notes

  1. Mice in the piano leave droppings on the keys. These go between the keys and stop them from coming up. Another problem might be that mice have been nesting in the piano and the turds on the keys stop the notes from working. At least with a real piano their is a chance to get it going again unlike Digital pianos that you write off when this happens.
    Notice in the picture the white “Tape” is missing
  2. Weights in the keys can swell and will need replacing. this job will need to be done in the workshop.
  3. Humidity problems can cause this as well. See Piano Life Saver System Blog.


Broken Loops

On some modern pianos from Japan 15 to 30 years old they have a problem with broken loops. This job involves removing each hammer and replacing the Loop. This can be done on sight but often we take the action back to the shop.   The pictures show the Loops and the popped springs.

Not repairing the broken loops can cause sticking hammers as the spring can get caught in the damper spring. Also the touch will be uneven and repetition very slow. Give us a call now on 94775866 to have your loops replaced.

Moths can eat felts on pianos not played and not tuned for years.

Left. Moth have eaten the felt bushing.

Middle. Weevil active under the keys.

Right. Felts eaten by moth on an old piano causing the keys to be up and down all over the place.


Castor Replacement.

In house repairs. Castor replacement.I had my piano shifted and the carrier broke the back castor. This is a very common problem. I often go to tune a piano and find a block under the back of the piano.
I carry most castor types with me on the road so this is not a problem. Just tell the girls you need a castor replaced and give me a bit of room around the piano and call it fixed. Piano tuned and castor replaced. No problems. We also supply and fit floor protection for your piano castors. Don’t put up with scratches in your wood floor. call Gary now 94775866 and we can sort your floor protection problems.

More coming. Contact Gary to find out more. Fill in the contact us now form and we will be back to you shortly.

We have 45 years in all piano related problems and have a great reputation to uphold. With an instrument as delicate as a Piano, its always wise to have the true professional repair it correctly Speak to any of our piano technicians today about our repair services. We are always willing to help.


Converting Over Damper piano to Under Damper

Check out the blog page for a full explanation of this procedure, or look at the video to see the final outcome.


Replacing the Set Off Screws on an Upright Piano




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