This is an interesting question.  There is a lot to understand about why different models in a particular brand, can have such a variation in price .

Things to consider in the price variations!

If the piano is secondhand , the piano age, of the model you are looking to buy ?

Do you know if the piano has been regularly tuned and maintained, by a Registered Tuner and Technician?

Does the purchase of the piano include the stool, the piano being tuned prior to delivery, a complimentary tune, does it include the delivery of the piano to your home.?

If you are buying from a store , are you being offered Warranty?  Warranty is good, but only if it is genuine.  How do you know that it will be ?  You don’t really have an answer for that.!

Here at Piano Magic, we offer back up and after sales service !  

This service is given by Gary, as he is the one who has his name on the line, as he owns the store and he is also the person that comes to deliver the piano, and tunes the piano at the times of after sales service.

Here at Piano Magic, we generally shift the piano one day and come back the following week to do the piano tuning.  This is done for logistical reasons.  We like to shift the pianos with 2 people present at the time of doing the shift.  This is for Duty of Care reasons and we are less likely to hurt ourselves.

As I am sure you will agree , having 2 people shifting the piano is good, however if I was to tune the piano at the same time as doing your piano shift, there would be a person sitting waiting for me to do the piano tuning and this is not a cost effective exercise.

Here at Piano Magic, we prefer to do all our shifting of pianos in one day and we are very organised.  The day we have chosen is Saturday.

I tune pianos from Monday to Friday inclusive and can generally tune a piano after it is shifted within a week or two.

It use to be said that pianos had to wait a few weeks before they were tuned!

This is not so important in our current years, as we have sealed bitumen roads and much better methods of shifting pianos.  The old days of horse and cart and our rough gravel roads, have made it much easier and gentler on pianos.



Generally a piano needs tuning once a year.

If you are playing the piano daily then perhaps each 6 months and in April and October.

If your child has left home and the piano is not being played then we recommend that the tuning be left no longer than 2 years.

The reason for this is that moths can infest the piano without you knowing and eat the ‘felts’.

Repair costs range from $1650 to $4500 / $5000. Also the pitch may drop with the only remedy being a pitch raise at the time of the next tuning, this will add extra cost to the tune.

Once the piano drops a lot in pitch it is more difficult to put the piano back in tune. There is also a further risk that the piano will not hold it’s tune once it gets past this point. (This problem can be fixed though, please contact us if you have further queries. 08 9477 5866

How much to tune a piano in Perth WA? Answer from $250.00.  ( The Services part of the website will contain up to date current prices)

This is a very good question!  The answer depends on how you want to play the piano once it is tuned.

Also the piano might need work to hold its tuning for a period of time.

It is a general misconception that the tuning on a piano only needs to be “good enough” for a child or starter to practice.

In the world we are currently living in, there are a lot of distractions out there for children and adults.  It is not easy to learn piano and a great deal of effort and times needs to be allocated to learning.

The better the piano sounds the more  reward for effort ‘ the player gets, and then instead of playing the piano piece once, they might want to play it 2 or 3 times. Consequently the player improves at a greater rate and has a higher self esteem because they are doing well.

If you have read this far you are genuinely interested to have your piano sounding as good as possible so my recommendation is the piano needs to be on standard pitch. (Possible pitch raise if it hasn’t been tuned for some time is $165)

It needs to be comfortable to play.

There might be some play in the keys and sticking notes, (might need some regulating $55 to $550).

Is it an old piano and hasn’t held tune very well in the past, (then it might need the tuning pins tightened $880 to $2800)

This is when it is time to phone 9477 5866 and speak with one of our staff that will help you get the right answers.

Read more about out Tuner Gary Bailey under Services Tuning

Yes, we sure can. Check out our piano teacher directory in the directory under FAQ’s or on the home page.

I understand that the music teacher is generally the only person that you may know and you feel you can trust when it comes to piano. I too need to build that same relationship with my clients as I am the one that comes and tunes your piano on a regular basis.

I find the statement “I need to ask my piano teacher what piano to buy” interesting and a concern to our Specialised Industry of Piano Sales, Tuning and Technician Work.

If you have an illness or sickness you go to your Doctor. If you have an ache in your tooth, you go to your dentist. The Doctor and the Dentist have done the years doing the University Degrees and training that they need to do to earn this title. You dont ask your Doctor to fix your toothache even though you are in pain.  You go to the Dentist because he / she is the expert in teeth and will eliminate the pain.

On the other hand if you are learning to drive a car you have a driving instructor.  Would you ask this instructor about the car you need to buy?  No you wouldn’t.  You would ask firstly, a car dealer about the models that would suit you in the driving conditions you have, and secondly, a mechanic as to their experience with mechanical problems with that make and model of car. You would also probably test drive the car yourself.

I, as a Piano Dealer, ‘Piano Tuner and Technician’ I hold Certificates too. I did my 3 years plus practical training course, under instruction and had to pass examinations to become a Certified Tuner and Technician.  Over the last 43 years I continue to learn and come across new things with the so many different styles of pianos and working mechanisms there are out there in old and new pianos.

Ask your music teacher how the piano really works?  Most cannot tell you.  Do they know there are about 9000 (Nine Thousand) moving parts in a piano and any one of them could cause a problem in the working of your piano.  Do they know the symptoms and do they know how to fix it?  No, they don’t.

When it comes to buying a Piano as a working instrument for your home, I am sorry to inform you, but your Music teacher is not the best person to ask.  They know about music and teaching and that is there specialty, they may have opinions on Pianos they have played and prefer as an instrument. However we do not get a lot of piano teachers coming around trying our new models so they can keep up to date with the advice they give people wanting to buy pianos.

My involvement in the industry is to contribute to the field of Music by being the dedicated specialist  that I am in Piano tuning and Technical knowledge.  Advise on the instrument and what sort of instrument will give you as a buyer the best for your playing experience and the dollars you want to spend.  There are countless brands of pianos about, some better than others, and some not as good.  In my travels I encounter nearly every brand and model, which therefore gives me more knowledge on what, is good and what is not as good and this alone gives me the experience to discuss piano makes and models with you.

I have chosen the brands I sell because I like to invest in pianos that will encourage young people to continue learning and enjoying music.