Piano Teachers And Teaching Methods In Perth

Simply Music Method

Simply Music is a revolutionary, Australian developed piano learning method that offers a breakthrough in music education.

This remarkable approach has students of all ages playing great sounding contemporary, classical, gospel, blues and accompaniment pieces immediately from their very first lesson!

It is a positive and fun way to learn to play the piano. Call for a free introductory session, with a Simply Music Teacher and see how it works.

(Gary’s thoughts) This is an excellent method to learn piano especially for the older student.

It is a method that saves sight reading till your keyboard skills have become unconsciously competent.

It builds self confidence and the ability to play in front of others without inhibition.

This is the most structured method I have seen where each teacher teaches the same lesson at the same level so if you move you can go to another teacher and pick up where you left off.

This helps with personality differences that can impede learning. Just change teacher. Another feature that I like is group learning.

Traditional teachers can’t imagine how this could work but it does. You want to practice to be better than others in your class and so encourages you to not be too busy to practice.

Give this method a go if you have had difficulty with sight reading in the past, but still have the desire to play piano. It could be just what you have been looking for.

I think it is very good and brought a new dimension to learning to play the piano.

Simply Music Method teachers

North of the River:

  • Robyn Jones – Ellenbrook – Phone 08 9297 1222 MB: 0417 878 910

South of the River:

  • Sharon Della Bosca – Kardinya – email : Sdellabosca@optusnet.com.au



Traditional Piano Teachers AMEB

These Teachers will teach you through theory and AMEB Exams or ANZCA Exams or play for leisure.

(Gary’s thoughts) If you have had previous piano tuition then this method might suit you better than Simply Music.

This method generally requires more structured practice. If you are an older student Traditional piano is slower off the mark than Simply Music however has the ability down the track to enable you to play any piece of music.

With any method it is important to have a teacher that you can talk to and see an improvement in playing ability each lesson. Don’t be afraid to talk to your teacher about the best way your teacher and you can stimulate your own practice or the child to practice. Work with the teacher to make learning the piano an enjoyable experience for you and your child.

Remember if it isn’t fun you won’t want to do it.

Traditional Piano Teachers

North of the River:

  • Lyn Koehler – Morley – Ph 9378 2021 or Mb 0428 782 021 – Specialist in teaching Autistic Children
  • Bronte Miltrup – Piano for Beginners  bronte.miltrup@gmail.com


South of the River:

  • Leah Cheary – Baldivis – MB: 0422 501 512
  • Izak Kruger – Karnup and Belmont – MB: 0449 296 594


Country Teachers:

  • Jan Clifton – Albany Phone – 9841 3509
  • Leigh Jennings – Pingelly Phone – MB: 0428 280 700
  • Alicia Hough – Wagin Phone – 9861 1313

Please call Di at the shop or contact us via our web email form if you want more information.  We are loading teachers all the time as we contact them for permision to load them on the web site.


Other Teaching Methods

ANZCA Piano Teaching

Guild Piano Teaching

Yamaha Piano Method

Suzuki Piano Method.


Piano Magic Facilitating Learning

At Piano Magic, we can help people of all ages learn how to play the piano. For those who need a space to learn how to play the piano, Piano Magic offer a space that can be hired out.

Preferred teachers on this site are featured at the discretion of Piano Magic Management.
To qualify a teacher needs to fit into at least 2 or more of the following criteria in any one financial year:

To be seen by Piano Magic to be actively promoting the ‘Love and Care of Pianos’
Have purchased their own Bernstein or Story & Clark piano from Piano Magic or a exclusive brand from Excursive piano group.
Refers students to purchase a Bernstein or Story & Clark piano.
Refers students for expertise in tuning and technician work.
Promotes and endorses student programs held at Piano Magic.
Invites Gary to talk on the Love and Care of Pianos at private concerts.
Works actively with Piano Magic and staff to provide the best Piano environment for their students.
Promotes the unbiased Piano Magic Buyers Guide available from Piano Magic office or our web page.
Has a constant dialogue with Piano Magic about students piano and learning needs.
If you would like to be included on this page please talk to Gary or Diane and staff by phoning 9477 5866.