Piano Rental

Professional Piano Hire and Delivery

Some people don’t want to make the commitment of owning a piano. Some may just want one to practice on for a few hours per week and others may only need a piano for an event. Purchasing a piano for this reason can be expensive, which is why Piano Magic offers a Perth Piano hire and rental. Contact us today or visit our store to browse our range.

Why hire a piano?

A parent of a new piano student may be uncertain about the prospect of continued piano lessons, and if they’re right, the new piano will be left gathering dust in the living room. With our piano rental service in Perth, we provide you with an affordable option.

Hire from Piano Magic!

We have pianos for hire from $77 per month. Hire is only generally in the Metropolitan areas, however if you are in the surrounding suburbs then give us a call and we will try assist you.

See our range of piano’s for hire here.

When you hire a piano from Piano Magic, you’re privy to our excellent customer service. We’ll ensure that you receive a piano in excellent condition. Tuning is done prior to delivery and checked on delivery. Thereafter, subsequent tunings will be provided once a year by Piano Magic.

Contact us if  you move house. We see the damage done to pianos by normal furniture removalist’s  and we try to avoid this.

We have pianos of a high standard, suitable for a student to learn on or just for hobby playing. We’re open from Monday to Saturday between 9am and 3pm. Visit our store today and select the piano to suit your needs. The pianos that are available for rent change day to day, please select from our website or come into our showroom and see what we have available.

If you wish to purchase the piano you are hiring we are able to organise a payment plan to suit your needs.

Piano Magic makes piano rental in Perth easy. Hire is in the metropolitan areas, however, if you’re in Regional Areas, give us a call and we will offer assistance to you.

Contact us now and rent the piano of your dreams.


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