Julius Feurich Leipzig



was $29,995.00

Read the story –  This unique masterpiece is for sale with Price on Application.

Piano Magivc

Julius Feurich as it arrived

This is the before shot of the Julius Feurich when it arrived at the store.

It was a scary sight .  This piano won the heart of Gary Bailey, so the restoration process started.   The first time Ron our French Polisher came into the workshop in the dark he was greeted by a very battered piano.  One of the lion legs had a claw missing, the nose and the cheeks were battle scarred.   The legs looked like an old male lion who showed all his scars of life to the world.

Ron, went to work, like a plastic surgeon, made a new claw,  moulded the nose and cheeks back to former glory.  I have to say with a few laughs along the journey.   Gary got to work taking strategic measurements and ordered a complete Wessell, Nickel and Gross carbon fibre action from America to fit into the piano.  Once that arrived Gary engineered it to fit and got it playing beautifully.

We understand this piano spent time in a Perth girls school, but we have not been able to determine which one.  If you know or think you may know which school we would love to hear from you to complete the story……..

The piano is a dream to play.

140 years after this piano was originally manufactured, it was rescued and is now, once again able to bring much enjoyment to a piano player today.



Piano Magic

Julius Feurich Fully Restored


This is the after shot, all finished and sitting in the Showroom.

Standing at 146cm high this is a ‘Beast’ .

Take some time and come in and see the piano and play it.

Abit of History of the Julius Feurich Piano company which was founded in 1851 in Leipzig in  Germany, by Julius Gustav Feurich.     The family operated and became know for the quality of pianos.  It is because of Gary’s years of working in the Piano industry as a Tuner and Technician and rebuilding and restoring pianos that he was happy to take on the challenge of doing this restore.

Feurich was owned by an Austrian piano manufacturer named Wendl & Lung

Julius Feurich is now manufactured in the Hailun factory along side our Bernstein and Hailun pianos we have in stock


Should you want to know more information about this piano masterpiece, then Gary will always be happy to talk you.