Beale Pianola Player



was $7,500.00

Refurbished Beale Pianola Player in Perth

Pianola Stool
Pianola Rolls
Tuning prior to delivery
Delivery in metro area
12 Months Warranty

Beale Pianolas are one of the best pianolas that were ever built.

They were built in the Beale factory in New South Wales in the early 1900’s.  The factory put out over 60,000 pianos in its time of operation.  Today we still find alot of Australian made Beales’ in our midst.

Lovely instrument with so much character it plays wonderfully, with a rich mellow tone.  For people that want a good reliable pianola and one that can be rebuilt reasonably easily still today then this is an instrument not to be walked past.
For anyone who has been looking for a beautiful fully functioning pianola

Please call 9477 5866 or come into the show room for more information on this Pianola in Perth.