All You Need to Know About Baby Grand Pianos


The baby grand piano offers that pristine grand piano look without taking up too much space, making it one of the most popular grand pianos for domestic use. We’ve pulled together a list of the key features and benefits of these beautiful instruments to help you decide whether a baby grand is the right option for you.




Key Features of the Baby Grand Piano:



Baby grand pianos are smaller grand pianos, measuring between 145–165cm in length, making them perfectly suited for domestic use. Unlike the full concert grand, the baby grand is suitable for homes and music rooms that are limited by space.



Full sized grand pianos may overwhelm small spaces, as they require larger rooms in order to achieve proper resonance. And despite the size difference, baby grands still have a tonal quality that is similar to larger grand pianos. Containing a smaller soundboard and shorter strings compared to a full-size grand piano, the baby grand aims for the best sound output with limited space.



What to Consider Before Buying a Baby Grand Piano.


Size of the Room

Pianos sound best when they’re played in a large room with high ceilings. That way, the instrument can resonate properly and be played at its full volume range. A larger grand piano requires more space, while a baby grand can offer excellent sound in traditional rooms like living rooms or classrooms.


When you pick out a piano, you should also find out about the best way to get it into your home or business. Measure the doorways and staircases, so that you can be sure they’re big enough for an instrument of that size. If you’re looking to buy a grand piano but aren’t sure how to get it into your house, the team at Piano Magic also provide professional piano moving services, ideal for relocating pianos safely and smoothly.


Use of the Piano

A beautiful baby grand piano may be the right choice for you if you are considering a piano for its aesthetic value as an addition to your living space. Baby grands are well suited for your home, small spaces like apartments, or even studios!


Player Skill Level

Concert grand pianos are preferred by many professional pianists for their superior sound, which allows the player’s skills to reach an audience with greater clarity. When you are a new, aspiring pianist, it makes sense to start with a smaller grand piano. For amateur musicians, a baby grand piano is an excellent choice, since it provides both acoustic quality and convenience. A high-quality baby grand piano will still deliver a stunning sound for beginner pianists from the comfort of their home.



The price of a grand piano will vary depending on the model, manufacturer, and production year. Baby grands tend to be less expensive than larger pianos. It’s tempting to go for the biggest piano you can afford, but remember: bigger is not always better. Focus on finding a high-quality piano that fits within your budget – you’ll be glad you did!


Grand pianos hold their value well over time, which means that you’ll be able to recoup much of the money you spend on one if and when you decide to sell it. This allows beginning pianists to buy a baby grand piano, practice on it for several years, and then upgrade to a larger grand as their skill level improves.


At Piano Magic, we currently stock the Bernstein 151 Baby Grand in Ebony. This dynamic baby grand piano creates an impressive sound considering its size, with its multi-dimensional soundboard giving an impressive dynamic range.


For more information on our current stock of baby grand pianos, get in touch with the team today!