Genio Silent System. What it is and how it works.



If you’re a pianist, you know how important it is to practice regularly to maintain your skills. However, if you live in an apartment, with roommates or have a family, practicing can be a challenge because of the noise it creates. Fortunately, there is a solution: the Genio Silent System.




What is a piano silencer system?

A piano silencer system is a device that allows pianists to play their instrument silently. This means that the hammers no longer hit the strings, and the sound is captured digitally and played back through headphones. With a piano silencer system, you can practice without disturbing others, which is especially useful for apartment dwellers or late-night practice sessions.


How does the Genio Silent System Work?

The Genio Silent System is an innovative technology that uses optical key sensors to detect even the slightest touch of the keys. This allows the pianist to play their instrument both acoustically and silently. When the system is activated, the hammers no longer strike the strings, resulting in silent play. All the key movements are captured digitally by the processing unit, which produces the sound that can be heard through headphones.

Who can use the Genio Silent System?

The Genio Silent System can be fitted to almost any piano, new or old, and is suitable for various settings, including home, school, studio, theatre, and church. With this system, you can enjoy playing your piano without disturbing others, making it ideal for practice, lessons or recording sessions.


Genio Speakers

Genio also offer speakers so you can play the piano with the sound of strings coming out of the speakers or any of the instruments Genio has to offer. It’s great fun. Come in and try before you buy.


Benefits of the Genio Silent System

One of the most significant advantages of the Genio Silent System is its slim and sophisticated design combined with modern technology. This system eliminates the need to have to make a choice between owning a digital piano or an acoustic piano. The Genio Silent System allows you to have both, making it the perfect solution for those who value the feel of an acoustic piano but also want the convenience of a digital piano.


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The Genio Silent System is an excellent solution for anyone who wants to practice playing the piano without disturbing others. Its innovative technology and easy installation makes it a must-have for any pianist. Click here to read more about the Genio Silent System, or get in touch with the team at Piano Magic today!