How do I take my piano apart?


From time to time I have people calling me from regional areas with problems with their pianos. I am always able to help over the phone, and even via Face time! But sometimes it can be hard for people to visualise the parts of the piano. This blog aims to teach you how to pull your piano apart to do tests, as well as then put it back together safely.


Names of piano parts

  1. The very top of the piano is the Top Lid
  2. The next front panel is called the Top Door
  3. Moving down, we have the Hollow
  4. The lid over the piano keys is called the Fall
  5. Under the key bed is the Bottom Door


Top Lid

Top Door

Fall and Hollow

Bottom Door & Retaining Clip


Removing the Bottom Door

It is important to start by removing the bottom door as it is the most needed to come out. If you look under the key-bed (this is the part your knees go under when playing the piano) most pianos have a steel spring clip or wooden spring.

Try pushing up and the door will spring towards you.

Now, pull it towards you and then lift if off the dowels on the bottom of the door.

Other pianos have a revolving clip that you can turn sideways and then pull the Door forward. Some older pianos have a wooden clip either end of the Bottom Door. These turn around 45 degrees, so just pull them toward the middle of the piano then the Door will move toward you.

Replacing the Bottom Door

To put the Bottom Door back on, place the door on the dowels and push it away from your body. You’ll hear the spring clips click into place.

Removing the Top Door


First you need to take every thing off the top of the piano.

Close the fall.

Then lift the top lid and lay it back against the wall or the other half of the top lid.

At either end of the top door is a clip. Sometimes the clip is wooden and has a screw in the middle. Just turn the clip 90 degrees pull the door toward you and lift it off the dowels.

Replacing the Top Door

To replace the door fit the door to dowels and push it away from you. Hold the door and secure the clips.

Removing the Fall and Hollow

Only do this if you have a piano Tuner on the phone or someone who knows how to put it back if you can’t.

In older pianos the Fall and Hollow sits on 2 wedges on the ends of the Hollow.

To remove the Fall and Hollow lift the fall and hold with one hand then place your other hand on the back of the Hollow. Lift the Fall and Hollow at the same time ensuring both ends come up at the same time.

Replacing the Fall and Hollow

To replace the Fall and Hollow  make sure it goes back evenly. It should slip In easy.

On modern pianos the Hollow can be quiet tight. First remove the screw or nut holding the back of the Hollow if the piano has a slow fall device.

These Fall and Hollow sit on a plastic runners. It often needs more force to lift the Fall and Hollow on new pianos.


So please only do this if you feel confident you can put it back!


Happy Piano-ing 🙂

  • Gary