How to fill the piano lifesaver system in your piano

Keeping your piano at the right humidity level is instrumental to maintain the tuning and playability of the piano. To keep your piano humidity in check, you should consider installing a Piano Life saver system for your piano.

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This blog post will tell you how to refill this system when it runs out of water:

How to tell when it needs to be refilled:

There should be three lights on your piano. Green for power, yellow for water levels and red for pad moisture levels. The power light should be on all the time. The yellow light will start flashing when the piano needs water, and the red pad light will flash once the system has completely dried out. Usually you have approximately three days from when the yellow light starts flashing until the red light starts flashing. In Summer you will likely need to fill it up sooner rather than later, but in Winter you will be fine to leave it a couple more days.

Filling up your piano lifesaver system:

You will need:

  • Your piano lifesaver refillable bucket. It is shaped like a watering can and should come with the system.
  • Fresh water. Rainwater is best. Next best is distilled water. Filtered water is also okay but using filtered water will mean you need to change your humidifier pads more regularly (every 6 months rather than 12 months). Basically, the less solids in the water the better.
  • Pad treatment. This will keep mosquitos out of the water and stops mould too.


  1. Fill your refillable bucket up to the marker and mix one cap full of pad treatment with the water in the bucket.
  2. Attach hose firmly to the nozzle of the bucket, then tip the bucket on its side and let the water run down the hose to the piano.
  3. Once the bucket is empty is will let out a ‘burp’ noise. Watch out for the last dribble of water in the hose, you can tip this back into the hose to stop it from getting on the floor.
  4. Clip the hose back under the piano, your system should be filled up and ready to go. The yellow water light should stop flashing at this point, however the red pad light may take up to ten minutes to stop flashing if the system has completely dried out.


Remember, I am always here to help or service your piano if you have troubles with the piano or refilling the Piano Life Saver System.
Enjoy your piano…