How to install castor wheels on small pianos

Installing or replacing existing castor wheels can be quite a complex process and care must be taken to ensure the piano remains safe while doing this process. Not only do the castors need to be strong enough to hold the weight of the piano, but they must also be small enough to ensure the piano’s pedals are not too high. Further, upright pianos are very back-heavy, meaning that they have an uneven centre of gravity, adding castor wheels that are too high can cause the piano to fall backwards. To further ensure the piano remains stable, it is best for upright pianos without a toe and truss to have one-way, side to side castors that don’t swivel to ensure the piano doesn’t fall forward or backwards. While only being able to move the piano in a straight line may be annoying, this is much better than no wheels at all.

Depending on your piano, the location of where you install the castor wheel, and the type of castor wheel changes. If you aren’t sure, we are happy to help, offering new castor installation at $330 to take the guesswork out of castor wheel installation.

However, if you know your piano is going to remain in the same place, installing our Teflon Slide Glides underneath your castor wheels is a great option. Unlike other floor protection stoppers, our Teflon slide glides are made specifically for pianos and are guaranteed to ensure the protection of your floor. With these slide glides, your piano will remain stable and easy to move. Unlike metal castor cups, our slide glides will mould into the shape of your castor to ensure the castor does not ride out or tip out of the glide and damage your floor.

Retailing for only $44 for a set of four, you can install the slide glides underneath your piano yourself by leaning the piano forward to lift the back castor wheels to install and then repeat the process on the opposite side of the piano for the front castors. It is recommended that 3 people help with this to not only keep the piano safe but also ensure you don’t hurt yourself either.

Moving a piano isn’t the easiest job, that’s why we’re here to help. Piano Magic can help move your piano as well as install the slide glide floor protection to protect your floors for $209.

If you require castor wheel installation for your piano, your piano to be moved, your floors to be protected from castor wheels or if you’re not sure, contact Gary today.