Is a cheaper tune a wise decision?

At Piano Magic, I had a customer ring in to book an annual tune. Our standard fee for tuning applied, plus this particular customer also wanted some new pads and a treatment for their Piano Life Saver System. The customer called us back and had got a quote to tune the piano at a cheaper cost.

The questions begin for me,

– Is the cheaper piano tuner as experienced

– Will the piano sound as good after the tuning if they have less experience?

– Will this piano tuner know how to service the Piano Life Saver System, and does he carry the parts needed for the service?

– Will the customer know the difference? In the short term, probably not.

So what really is the difference?

When a tuner is experienced, and has an attention to detail, the end result is a piano that plays nicer. Most people don’t realise the higher standards that Piano Magic put on everyday pianos.

When I finish tuning a piano, I play a song. This process serves two purposes. I am able to test if the pianos performance is up to scratch, and I’m also able to identify if there is any room for improvement.

If a child was to play the piano after Piano Magic has tuned it, versus a cheaper tuning service – the difference you’d be able to tell, is the piano responding to the emotion.

The difference also then relates to the amount of time the person playing the piano spends at the piano each time they play. The better the piano sounds and the easier to play, the more enjoyable the experience is. The more time spent on the piano equals better muscle memory!

If you’re committed to learning piano and want a pleasurable experience playing it – give us a call for a top tier piano tuning.


– Gary