The New Schimmel Fridolin Piano Series

The New Schimmel Fridolin Piano Series: Exclusively Sold at Piano Magic

In 2016 the Pearl River piano factory, the world’s biggest, purchased a large number of shares in  Schimmel Pianoforte Fabrik, Germany’s largest and most awarded piano manufacturer. Together they have developed a new range of pianos produced in Guangzhou with total German design and top quality Chinese manufacture. The Schimmel name prevails on the fully German manufactured pianos.

The models assembled in the Schimmel owned factory in Poland are branded Wilhelm after Wilhelm Schimmel who started Schimmel in 1885. Commencing in 2018 the new Fridolin range is named after Wilhelm’s brother Fridolin Schimmel. Already the it has enjoyed rapid success with over 6000 being sold. This is very exciting news!

I have just flown from Perth to Melbourne to inspect this range and I think it will fit very nicely into the West Australian market. After that I was able to tune my first Fridolin 121 in Melbourne and I was so impressed I ordered 6 pianos to come to Piano Magic in October!

So what did I like about the Fridolin Piano Series?

Before I tuned the piano I was impressed with the smooth sweet tone. It’s like a fine wine. There are no rough edges. The piano is finished to a very high standard. Most pianos produced in Asia have a sharp bright tone. Some people love this type of tone and lots just don’t know and follow the music teacher that says only buy y or k brand. These pianos are reliable pianos and have good tone when they are new but there is a reason so many are exported as second hand pianos.

The average pianist would play one of these and say yes it’s ok. However, if the German designed and German tone piano is introduced to the young child when just learning the difference would be the following:

  1. A nicer sweet sound to listen to so Mum and dad don’t say “haven’t you finished your practice yet”..
  2. Control. To achieve a good sound you don’t have to attack the piano. I have seen students come into a master class and the first thing they do is try to impress the teacher by belting the daylights out of the piano. With the German tone pianos you can achieve good expression by playing the piano with enjoyment. They respond to the touch.
  3. Reliability Pearl River have proven they can produce a reliable piano. Schimmel Fridolin pianos come with a factory backed 5 year warranty. The customer gets a paper copy the dealer gets a paper copy and the factory gets a paper copy. So if there is a problem or the dealer or supplier have gone out of business you are still covered.
  4. So now comes the good bit. When I tuned the first piano I’m sitting in front or the piano for 45 minutes. As I am tuning I notice things that might improve the piano like Mouse proofing, rubber parts, great for short term but how long does a piano last. I have spoken to Musico about my improvements and hopefully they will be in the pianos for our production run.
  5. Silent system. Fridolin has an optional extra of a factory fitted Genio Silent system. This is a great benefit. Genie Silent Systems are available after market and we can and do fit them regularly but with all optional extras factory fitted is better. The silent system gives you the option of playing the piano when the tv is on or you ave visitors and want to talk.
  6. In point No1 I mentioned a nice sweet sound. After I tuned the piano I played it and found it a very enjoyable experience. I often say to my tuning customers. If the piano is tuned regularly and you have a visitor. They sit down and play a song. They might then get up and start a conversation and not go back to the piano. Now if that first song is a rewarding enjoyable experience then they will play another and another and the time is spent enjoying the piano. I hope you get my point.

There are lots of cheep pianos on the market today and they are being sold by warehouses that are only concerned with the bottom line and there are lots of customers out there that suit this market. At Piano Magic we don’t work like that. We like to choose a nice product that will last a long time.

Pre-Delivery Tuning

We do a pre-delivery tune that is not just a quick tune. Remember if I were to do a bad job I’m the one that comes to the house to re-tune your piano. So, I don’t want the embarrassment of having to tell you there is a problem and we need to send a more experienced technician to sort out the issues with the piano. Believe me I get asked to sort out pianos my opposition have sold all the time. They have had two technicians out to fix the issues with no success. This is not something I ever let happen!

If you’re interested in looking at the Schimmel Fridolin piano range then give us a call. Yes we do trade-ins depending on the piano.


We like to do our own delivery so I can advise the best place to put the piano. You might be down sizing then give us a call. The Fridolin is a very compact piano and they have a 116 size. Ideal for the room in a nursing home. My own mother has her Schimmel 116 in her room in the nursing home. She still plays it when she is well enough. Just knowing it’s there gives her comfort.

Give us a call or fill in the contact us sheet at the end of the blog!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog.   Gary

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