What is Pianomation?

Pianomation is a device that will play a piano the way a professional pianist will play and can be fitted to your piano so you can have the piano playing while you do your jobs around the house. You can have guests for dinner and you can have dinner music play straight from your own piano with the keys going up and down as well.

Remember the old pianola piano that you put a paper roll into and the piano would play it self with you peddling.

Pianomation is the modern form of the pianola!

Why not just put on the CD player or download the music on the ipad.

Yes this is the cheap option and the music is very nice. However a cd is nothing like going to a live performance or hearing the piano played well at a bar. Well you can have this in your own home. It’s like having a coffee in the best coffee house in your own home.

Just magic!


How does Pianomation work?

  • The keys move with a Solenoid under the back of the key. These are very precise and move soft and hard and also will only move the same amount as the depth of touch on the piano.
  • The Solenoid is connected to a Distribution circuit board that supply’s the power to the Solenoid.
  • The Distribution circuit board is connected to the power supply and the processor.
  • The processor is connected via wifi to your Tablet IPad or iPhone.
  • The processor is also connected to a speaker to give you orchestra backing and voice.
  • The music library is saved in the processor and is updated from America regularly via your wifi.
  • To access the music to play the piano, the music needs to be released from QRS Music the makers of Pianomation.
  • Their is free music that you can access anytime and music you can purchase.
  • QRS has an extensive library of music and a lot of it is with original artists.


FAQs for Pianomation

When you first buy your  Pianomation you get 12 months of the entire music library.

As everyone has different tastes in music QRS will give you a number of free songs at the end of the 12 months.

They are able to give you your preferred music taste as they will know how many times you have played the songs you like so, the most played songs are the songs they will give you.


Can I have Pianomation fitted to my piano?

Pianomation can be fitted to grand pianos and upright pianos.

I have fitted systems to 100 year old upright pianos and $80,000 new grand pianos.

If your piano is in good condition and on pitch it is better.

The better the piano the better the sound and response to the Pianomation system.


What if I don’t have a piano?

Piano Magic have a range of pianos that will suit Pianomation and we can fit the system to suit your needs.


Do I need a good wifi connection?

A good wifi connection is preferred to receive the updates to your system and music library.

However if you have no wifi the piano can connect to your device directly. We call this Stand alone. When Gary comes to tune your piano he can do the updates needed for your system.

If you would like to see Pianomation in action contact Gary for an appointment for a personal demonstration.


Have a look at the videos of the Pianomation i have fitted.