How to fill your Damppchasser Piano Life Saver System

Just the Yellow light is flashing. If red light is also flashing then see below. We recommend using rain water or distilled water in the Damppchasser Piano Life Saver system as this increases the efficiency of the humidify side of the system by not clogging up the pads.

It is better to use any water than not to fill the reservoir when the yellow light is flashing.

(As the system works on evaporation it leaves behind all the solid particles in the water.)

First fill the water container supplied with the system to the red line.

Then add one cap-full of Damppchasser pad treatment. This kills the Mold and keeps the Mozzies out.

Under the key bed for upright and the rim on Grands is a filling tube.

There are 2 clips holding this in place. remove the tube from the clip and extend out and up.

Connect the tube over the spout on the filling container for about 1/2 inch or about  2 centimeters.

Lift the container up and on its end so all the water goes into the piano.

If the yellow light is flashing then all the water will fit. You need not have a fear that the system will overflow.

On a grand lift the container till the water starts to fill the tube then lower the container and hold till the bubbles run up the tube then lift the container to make the water siphon in. This way is much quicker.


If the red light is flashing and  the yellow is not and you have filled the system recently it takes about 15 minutes for the water to wick up the pads to turn off the red light.

If your system has not been serviced recently it might be prudent to remove the bottom door of the piano by pushing the holding clip up to allow the door to pull forward. Some piano have a different holding clip.

If the blue pads look wet and free from white buildup call your tech or make sure the black plug in the middle of the Humidystat is connected.

If the red light is flashing after you have filled the system over 15 minuted ago call Gary or your tech to have the system checked. DO NOT REFILL with water unless the yellow light is flashing.