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Piano Repairs in Perth

The Main reasons your piano needs our professional touch. When we say Piano repairs in Perth WA we generally are talking about in house repairs that range from tightening tuning pins so the piano will hold tune and repairing, cracked bass bridges to removing the action or keys and repairing them at our Perth workshop,this is sometimes called a rebuild however a rebuild on a piano generally includes full restoration of the String Back including soundboard. new strings and replacing the tuning pins. Then full re...

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Piano Payment Plan

We  offer a way for you to achieve buying a piano, stress-free.You pay 50% of the recommended retail price of the piano, (eg price is $5000, you pay up front $2500) and then you make fortnightly repayments direct to our bank account. The faster you pay for the piano the better we like it. We will deliver the piano and you can play it whilst you are paying it off.Maximum payment period is 6 months We treat every Payment plan enquiry on its on merits.  Everyone has there own story and these need to be co...

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Genio silent piano

Genio piano silencer system

Would you like to have an acoustic piano with all the great features of a digital piano? Such as: Genio piano silencer system. Now available for fitting in your home by Piano Magic in PerthVarious other instrument sounds. The ability to easily record your songs. Metronome function. Transpose and pitch control. 2 Headphone connections. MIDI Device input & output. Graphic Display USB port for USB memory stick.The Genio piano silencer system really does allow you to have the best of both ...

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Esperance to Kalgoorlie to Geraldton no worries

Piano Shifting or Relocating

Piano Shifting. 45 Years experience. Our main piano Shifting day is Saturday. This works in with most people moving house on the week end. When we move a piano we use a specially designed piano trolley.We can move your piano from room to room or from house to house.  If your instrument is properly moved it will suffer no harm and may not need tuning when it is relocated.It is risky to do this yourself, with the average piano weight of about 300 Kg and for safety we recommend you always use profess...

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Piano tuning

Piano Tuning

Perth’s Piano Tuning Experts There’s nothing more soothing than the sound of a piano but if it’s out of tune, you’re in for a nasty time. What do you do if you find a few off-key notes while you’re playing? You find yourself one of the best piano tuning services in Perth and WA. Piano tuning costs are sometimes exorbitant, but Piano Magic offers exceptional tuning services at an affordable rate. Contact us now to find out more.Piano Magic owner, Gary Bailey, has exceptional tuning abilities. How exce...

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Piano Rental

Professional Piano Hire and Delivery Some people don’t want to make the commitment of owning a piano. Some may just want one to practice on for a few hours per week and others may only need a piano for an event. Purchasing a piano for this reason can be expensive, which is why Piano Magic offers a Perth Piano hire and rental. Contact us today or visit our store to browse our range.Why hire a pianoA parent of a new piano student may be uncertain about the prospect of continued piano lessons, and if they'r...

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