Part 1: Julius Feurich Upright Piano Rebuild – History and Assessment

Julius Feurich Piano_Pre-Repair

Over the coming months Piano Magic will be documenting the rebuild of a gorgeous Julius Feurich upright piano. This piano will be for sale when finished. We will welcome offers so watch this space.

The Story.

The piano has spent most of it’s life in a girl’s school in Perth. If anyone knows any more information about the piano that would be greatly appreciated!

The Age.

We would like to keep it in original condition however who wants a piano that is not playable and will only be a photo holder. As we can see from the below image, the Julius Feurich upright piano is about 133 years old. Incredible.

Piano Age Calculator

Piano Magic’s Objective.

To re-create a piano that has the Gothic old world look with an inside that is state of the art that will last and have an unbelievable tone. And repairing it so that a concert pianist will have no problems hammering the piano and it being reliable. Better than a new piano.

A new piano of this standard would cost over $60,000, so the person who will get this piano will really get the best of both worlds.

We have great expectations of this repair being an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Problems that affect the playability and tone of this piano.

  1. The Bearing on the tenor strings has moved toward the bass.
  2. Old over damper action. Making the piano unreliable, playing touch heavy, lots of ring on as dampers not working.
  3. Rusty strings stop the piano being on concert pitch.

Bearing on tenor strings

Damper Action- rings not working

Rusty Strings

Actioned Removed showing strings

Breakdown and Assessment.

The piano needs new strings, a new Wessel Nickle & Gross action, repair tuning plank and bearing. Then, we move to the aesthetics. The bass toe is damaged and the piano needs re-polishing.  The top door music desk also needs re fitting.

I would also like to put Sconces on the piano.  Double Sconces will look better so, if anyone knows where I can get get double Sconces I’m happy to buy them.

The piano has one way castors making it hard to move. For a very heavy piano like this we might put better castors on.

Strip polish

We strip the piano down to the main frame and then remove the polish to repair the vaneer this the case and parts are sandered and re-polished with French Polish. We like to do an open grain finish. It is easier and gives the piano a softer character.

Then after many hours of hard work the piano starts to look nice


So now we get back to the inside.

replacing the strings.

By this time we have recieved the new Bass Strings from our string maker in Sydney and start repining and putting on new strings.

But first I need to replace the damaged bearing.

So cut and shape a nice piece of beech and put the pins in looks great.

Stringing is now finished. We have pulled it up to pitch to let the strings settle.

Yippi the new action has arrived and I can’t wait to get started fitting it. With the work load at the moment I think this will be a Christmas Holliday job

If your in Albany and are going to the show we have the Feurich with us. So come to the ALBANY Show and look for us in the main provilllian

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