Chocolate Song

About the Chocolate Song When tuning pianos I sometimes teach a child or adult the Chocolate song. This has been happening for about 20 years and about 10 years ago a young man came up to me in the street and said "Are you Mr Bailey" I said yes and he said. You changed my life. I was surprised and said how? Well a long time ago you taught me the Chocolate Song when you tuned my piano. It was great and it got me going with piano. Music is a big part of my life now. so much so i went to uni and studied to become a ...

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Upright PLSS

Piano Life Saver System By Damppchasser

Piano Life Saver System By Dampchasser Do you find your piano going sharp in the mid-section in winter? Do you find that 3 weeks after the weather changes to dry your piano has gone flat in the mid-section? Do you want to preserve the life of your piano for your children or grandchildren to enjoy? Do you want to enjoy the sound of your piano for the full year till it is tuned next? If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then it would be to your advantage to read on Piano Life Saver Systems...

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Bernstein 190T 003

Humidity effects on pianos

Humidity can affect the tuning and general play-ability of your piano. The most change with tuning will occur in the middle section of the piano close to what piano tuners call the center break. On an over strung piano the bass strings run over the mid and treble strings and at the point this happens this is called the center break. The pitch change mostly happens from the break through to about an octave toward the middle of the piano. Some piano makes are affected more than others and a younger piano will ...

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